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Date Feature
Issue 2007/0901/31/07Future Sanctions May Issue to Parties Appealing Non-Final Judgments
Issue 2007/0801/30/07Section 337 Complaint: Lighting, Digital Camera, and NAND Memory Import Investigations Requested
Issue 2007/0701/29/07European Court of Justice Limits SPC's To Active Ingredients
Issue 2007/0601/26/07Recapture Rule Must Not Undo Broadening Reissue
Issue 2007/0501/24/07"Use in Commerce" Not Required for U.S. TM Opposition
Issue 2007/0401/17/07Amendments to the Madrid Protocol and the Regulations Thereunder Adopted by the Assembly of the Madrid Union at its September-October 2006 Session
Issue 2007/0301/17/07Supreme Court Allows Declaratory Judgment by Patent Licensee in Good Standing
Issue 2007/0201/16/07Philips En Banc Decision Did Not Affect Law of the Case
Issue 2007/0101/15/07Replacement of Parts that Must Be Broken Not Impermissible Reconstruction
Issue 06/7012/11/06Divisional Applications at the European Patent Office
Issue 06/6912/08/06Remedial extension of time provisions in Australia
Issue 06/6812/18/06Recent Ruling Adds Strength to Sophisticated Patent Licensing Programs
Issue 06/6712/01/06No anticipation of a patent by "inherent disclosure" in Canada
Issue 06/6611/30/06Federal Circuit Inching Toward Reconsideration of Cybor Deference
Issue 06/6511/27/06Priority Claim Restorations — Update
Issue 06/6411/23/06New directions, and a challenge, for Canada's generic drug approval regim
Issue 06/6311/21/06Rasmusson Redux: §102 References Need Not Demonstrate Utility to be Enabling for Purposes of Anticipation
Issue 06/6211/20/06"Design Patents: Federal Circuit Vacates Preliminary Injunction for Functionality of the Design"
Issue 06/6111/16/06Judgment of Infringement Under DOE Affirmed, Even Under Erroneous Claim Construction
Issue 06/6011/14/06Newly-Discovered Properties of Known Compositions Are Unpatentable Over the Known Composition
Issue 06/5911/10/06Recent Developments Australian Patent Law 2006 - Pharmaceuticals
Issue 06/5811/02/06Patent Invalidity Holding In Different Lawsuit Did Not Terminate Royalty Obligation
Issue 06/5710/24/06The New UK Patent Legislation — Priority Claims
Issue 06/5610/19/06U.S. Ringtones Go Under Compulsory Copyright License
Issue 06/5510/17/06PCT Rule Changes Planned for April 2007
Issue 06/5410/13/06New Unfair Import Complaints
Issue 06/5310/11/06No Double Counting of Patent and Trademark Infringement Damages
Issue 06/5210/10/06Federal Circuit Not Bound by PTO's Reexamined Claim Construction
Issue 06/5110/06/06Aesthetic Functionality Requires Non-Reputation-Related Competitive Disadvantage
Issue 06/5010/02/06Dilution by Blurring and Tarnishment in Trademark Revision Act
Issue 06/4909/25/06Recapture Invalidity Avoided by Amendments Not Distinguishing Prior Art
Issue 06/4809-14-06"Colorant Selection Mechanism" Construed as Means-Plus-Function Limitation
Issue 06/4709-15-06Trademark Functionality Did Not Require Literal Patent Infringement
Issue 06/4609-07-06UK Design Registration Changes on October 1, 2006
Issue 06/4509-08-06Grace Periods in Australian Patent Law
Issue 06/4408-25-06USPTO Patent Rule Change Proposals Website
Issue 06/4308-10-06Section 112, Paragraph 4 Established as a Patent-Invalidating Provision
Issue 06/4208-14-06Germany: Don't lose your employee inventions – shift in established practice by Supreme Court
Issue 06/4108-09-06UK Relative Grounds for Refusal Expected to End in October 2007
Issue 06/4008-04-06FTC Finds Violation In Rambus' Standards-Setting Activities
Issue 06/3908-04-06Therapeutically Effective Amount Did Not Require Healing
Issue 06/3807-31-06OHIM Publishes Draft Opposition and Examination Guidelines
Issue 06/3707-25-06USPTO-TEAS Now Accepts PDF Files for Some Documents
Issue 06/3607-20-06Patent Licensing is Commercial Activity Exception to Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act
Issue 06/3507-18-06USPTO Proposes New Information Disclosure Requirements
Issue 06/3407-10-06New Chemical Patent Disclosure Requirements in China
Issue 06/3307-07-06Disparagement of Unpreferred Embodiments May Result in A Disavowal of Claim Scope
Issue 06/3207-06-06No Jury Trial Right For Inequitable Conduct: Validity and Enforceability are not "Common" Issues under Beacon Theaters
Issue 06/3106-28-06Revised Procedure for Accelerated Examination of Certain U.S. Patent Applications
Issue 06/3007-05-06Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings v. Metabolite Laboratories, Inc.
Issue 06/2906-23-06Proposed Changes to Pharmaceutical Regulations in Canada
Issue 06/28 06-22-06 Accused Dome Equivalent to "Plate" After Amendment which Was Tangential to Contested Element
Issue 06/27 06-21-06 Is An Inventor Always An Inventor?
Issue 06/26 05-26-06 US-JP Patent Examination Reciprocity Program Begins July 30
Issue 06/24 05-15-06 Supreme Court Overturns Predilection for Patent Infringement Injunctions
Issue 06/23 04-26-06 If You Missed: Reexamination in the US - An Effective Business Strategy- Roundtable
Issue 06/22 04-20-06 The Emperor Sports Decision: Ramifications for the Law of Inventive Step in Australia
Issue 06/21 04-18-06 If You Will Be In Toronto For INTA: You Are Cordially Invited To Join APLF Member Firms At...
Issue 06/20 04-12-06 Mark Owner Must Show Substantially No Gray Market Sales of its Own
Issue 06/19 04-11-06 USPTO Proposes Reexamination Procedure Changes
Issue 06/17 03-30-06 Declaratory Judgment Jurisdiction Can Not Be Sustained Based on Adverse Financial Interest Alone
Issue 06/16 03-14-06 Process Steps in Product-by-Process Claims are Held Not to be Claim Limitations
Issue 06/15 03-13-06 Intent to Deceive Cannot be Established Solely by the Absence of a Good Faith Explanation for Nondisclosure
Issue 06/14 03-07-06 Another Piece to the Puzzle of Business Method Patents in Australia
Issue 06/13 03-06-06 Canadian Supreme Court Nomination Practice Now Public
Issue 06/12 02-22-06 Failure to Disclose Declarant's Relationship to Assignee Sustained as a Basis for Inequitable Conduct
Issue 06/11 02-24-06 Examining the Case for Modified Examination
Issue 06/10 02-23-06 Limited Materiality Provides Less Basis for Inferring Inequitable Conduct Intent
Issue 06/09 02-27-06 A Lesson in Laboratory Notebook Keeping
Issue 06/08 02-20-06 Section 337 Complaint: Roadmaster Requests Investigation of Portable Power Stations from China
Issue 06/07 02-09-06 Supplementary Protection Certificates For Novel Formulations In Europe May Soon Be Reality
Issue 06/06 02-08-06 Management Pressure, Late Opinion, and Lack of Reliance Support Willful Patent Infringement Verdict
Issue 06/05 01-30-06 Australian Patent Practice - A Comparison
Issue 06/04 01-25-06 Section 337 Complaint - F&G Research Requests Investigation of Computer Mice from Taiwan
Issue 06/03 01-18-06 Three New Unfair Import Complaints
Issue 06/02 01-04-06 Topical Application Did Not Anticipate Sunburn Treatment
Issue 06/01 01-03-06 Requirements for claim construction in a preliminary injunction proceeding
Issue 05/68 12-30-05 Local & International Patent Notes
Issue 05/67 12-19-05 "Exhaustion of Priority" in Europe?
Issue 05/66 11-29-05 Claim Indefinite For Combining Apparatus and Method of Use Limitations
Issue 05/65 11-22-05 Patent Claim Construction/Plain Meaning
Issue 05/64 11-21-05 Exclusionary Effects of Reverse Payments Did Not Exceed Scope of Patents
Issue 05/63 11-17-05 Section337: Lumileds Seeks Exclusion of LEDs from Taiwan
Issue 05/62 11-16-05 "Authorized Generic" Drugs Under Scrutiny
Issue 05/61 11-08-05 De Minimus Commercial Use Did Not Forfeit Gripe Site Registration
Issue 05/60 12-01-05 Change To Canadian Patent Act ñ Top Up Payments
Issue 05/59 11-01-05 NTN Files Unfair Import Complaint Against ILJIN
Issue 05/58 10-31-05 U.S. Copyright Preregistration Begins November 15
Issue 05/57 10-24-05 USPTO Board Eliminates Technological Arts Test
Issue 05/56 10-19-05 Web Cast China Symposium ñ October 20, 2005
Issue 05/55 10-18-05 Past Tense Prophetic Example Kills Patent
Issue 05/54 10-17-05 Inequitable Conduct Upheld for Past-Tense Description of Prophetic Example
Issue 05/53 10-14-05 SPCs for novel indications?
Issue 05/52 10-12-05 Pfaff's "On-Sale" Test Applies to Public Use Under §102(b)
Issue 05/51 10-11-05 Foreign Sales of Components Used in Patented Processes are Encompassed by ß271(f)
Issue 05/50 10-05-05 USPCs for Formulation Patents in Europe!
Issue 05/49 10-04-05 Unfair Import Investigations Requested for Scanners, Organ Locators, and Flash Memories
Issue 05/48 10-03-05 USPTO Updates
Issue 05/47 9-30-05 Package License Upheld Where Licensees Not Forced to Use Unwanted Patents
Issue 05/46 9-28-05 Still absolute compound protection for DNA sequences in Germany?
Issue 05/45 9-15-05 60% Reversal Rate for USPTO Ex Parte Appeals, plus other IP news
Issue 05/44 9-13-05 The Utility Requirement of ß101
Issue 05/43 9-07-05 Copyright Protection
Issue 05/42 8-31-05 Join The Association Of Patent Law Firms
Issue 05/41 9-19-05 China: Invitation
Issue 05/40 8-25-05 35 U.S.C. ß 120
Issue 05/39 8-23-05 Intrinsic Record
Issue 05/38 8-18-05 Proof of "Experimental Use"
Issue 05/37 8-19-05 Notice of Change Effective September 1, 2005
Issue 05/36 8-08-05 Misleading Video
Issue 05/33 8-04-05 USPTO Announces New Reexamination Unit
Issue 05/32 7-27-05 How To Challenge Patent Validity
Issue 05/31 7-20-05 Pre-Appeal Brief Conference Pilot Program
Issue 05/30 9-08-05 Final Opportunity: Talk With Experts
Issue 05/29 7-12-05 Phillips v. AWH Corp.
Issue 05/28 7-07-05 Markman Issues (2004)
Issue 05/27 7-11-05 USPTO Fees Update
Issue 05/26 7-06-05 USPTO Patent Rules Updates
Issue 05/24 6-29-05 USPTO Patent Rules Updates
Issue 05/23 6-24-05 USPTO Patent Rules Updates
Issue 05/22 6-22-05 USPTO Relaxes Claim Status Identification Requirements
Issue 05/21 6-21-05 Boss Control, Inc. v. Bombardier Inc.: A Broad Definition of a Claim Term Supported by Extrinsic Evidence Will Not Overcome a Narrower Definition Provided in the Specification
Issue 05/20 6-14-05 The Supreme Court Broadens the "Safe Harbor" Exemption under §271(e)(1)
Issue 05/19 6-13-05 Imonex v. Munzprufer: Jury Determination of Willfulness Upheld Notwithstanding Later Procurement of Counsel's Opinions
Issue 05/18 6-09-05 Controversy Requirement Of §2201 Not Met Without Material Breach Of License Agreement
Issue 05/17 5-24-05 Gillette v. Energizer: Razor Blade Case Continues Debate over the Role of the Specification in Claim Interpretation
Issue 05/16 3-30-05 Prosecution Disclaimer Limits Claim Scope
Issue 05/15 3-24-05 Roundtable Audio Presentations Available On www.aplf.org/events
Issue 05/14 3-22-05 Expert Testimony May Not Contradict Claim Term Meaning Found in the Intrinsic Evidence
Issue 05/13 3-17-05 Phillips v. AWH: Expected To Greatly Impact Issues Surrounding Methodology of Claim Construction.
Issue 05/12 3-4-05 Export of "Golden Master" Containing Unpatented Source Code Creates Infringement Liability Under §271(f): $521 Million Royalty Award Upheld
Issue 05/11 2-25-05 Prudential Standing of Licensee to Sue is Upheld Where Patentee-Licensor is Joined as a Counterclaim Defendant
Issue 05/10 2-24-05 Patentee's "Orange Book" Listing Does Not Confer Declaratory Judgment Jurisdiction Against Patentee
Issue 05/9 2-22-05 Personal Jurisdiction, Once Properly Raised, Is Not Waived Even After Objecting Party Files Permissive Counterclaims
Issue 05/8 2-18-05 CAFC Construes Consent Judgment Narrowly: Successor-In-Interest Cannot Sue
Issue 05/7 2-17-05 Jury Verdict Of $814,000 Affirmed Where Rule 50 JMOL Was Insufficient
Issue 05/6 2-11-05 CAFC Says Market Power Is Presumed in Patent Tying Antitrust Cases
Issue 05/5 2-9-05 Merck's Fosamax® Patent Held Invalid by a Panel Divided Over the Definition of "About"
Issue 05/3 1-10-05 Proof of Infringement under §271(a) Does not Require all Claimed Elements to be Practiced in the United States
Issue 05/2 1-10-05 Expert Testimony May Be Required To Prove Infringement Of A Patent Claiming Complex Technology
Issue 05/1 1-5-05 Changes to Patent Laws Encourage Sharing of Confidential Information Between Research Collaborators
Issue 253 11-30-04 C.R. Bard Clairifies Role of Dictionaries from Texas Digital Systems
Issue 252 11-24-04 Eleventh Amendment Immunity Waiver Extends Only to Compulsory Counterclaims
Issue 251 11-16-04 Totality of the Circumstances Determines "Public" Use
Issue 250 11-5-04 Insituform Technologies v. CAT Contracting
Issue 249 11-3-04 Poly-America v. GSE Lighting Technology || Irdeto v. Echostar
Issue 248 10-20-04 ITC General Exclusion Order Enforcement Authority Upheld, But Must Allow New Invalidity Defenses
Issue 247 10-14-04 Toro v. White || Lighting World v. Birchwood
Issue 246 10-13-04 China: Patent Process & Patent Enforcement - Realities Every US Corporation Should Know
Issue 245 10-12-04 Knowledge and Predictability Determine Scope of Enablement in the Mechanical Arts
Issue 244 10-8-04 IR v. IXYS || Juicy Whip v. Orange Bang
Issue 243 9-30-04 Xechem v. UT || Monsanto v. Ralph
Issue 242 9-28-04 Koito v. Turn-Key || Cardiac Pacemakers v. St. Jude Medical
Issue 241 9-17-04 Knorr-Bremse en banc
Issue 240 9-16-04 Power Mosfet v. Siemens || In re Bigio
Issue 239 8-31-04 Mars Inc. v. H.J. Heinz Co., Fed. Cir., No. 03-1317
Issue 238 8-27-04 Strategic Intellectual Property and Emerging Standards for Entering the Chinese Market
Issue 237 8-24-04 New Rules for Registration of (and E-mail to) U.S. Patent Practitioners
Issue 236 8-20-04 Competitive v. Fujitsu || Jacobs v. Nintendo
Issue 235 8-5-04 Unitherm Food Systems, Inc. v. Swift-Eckrich, Inc.
Issue 234 8-4-04 Knoll v. Teva || Nystrom v. Trex
Issue 233 7-22-04 CAFC to Hear Claim Construction Case En Banc
Issue 232 7-14-04 A Low-Cost, Trademark Management Policy
Issue 231 7-13-04 Pellegrini v. Analog Devices
Issue 230 7-12-04 Intirtool, Ltd. v. Texar Corp.
Issue 229 7-9-04 Three I/P Bills Pass Senate on June 25
Issue 228 7-8-04 In re John Ngai and David Lin
Issue 227 7-7-04 In re American Academy of Science Tech Center
Issue 226 7-6-04 Abandonment Petitions Due Within Two Months of Notice or Twelve Months of Last Submission
Issue 225 7-2-04 TGIF & FYI: Patents May Provide Research Tax Credit
Issue 224 7-1-04 Vanderlande Industries Nederland BV et al. v. International Trade Commission et al.
Issue 223 6-30-04 Edward H. Phillips v. AWH Corporation et al.
Issue 222 6-29-04 USPTO Launches Electronic Patent Assignment System (EPAS)
Issue 221 6-28-04 Certain US Patent Petitions Need Status Checks
Issue 220 6-22-04 Free To In-House Counsel: The Patent Lawyer Magazine
Issue 219 6-23-04 CAFC En Banc Decision
Issue 218 6-22-04 USPTO Launches "PAIR" Enhancements
Issue 217 6-21-04 Sierra Applied Sciences, Inc., v. Advanced Energy Industries, Inc.
Issue 216 6-17-04 Blogging for Expertise
Issue 215 6-15-04 Dr. Harry Gaus v. Conair Corp.
Issue 214 6-14-04 Dynacore Holdings v. U.S. Philips Corp.
Issue 213 6-9-04 Golden Blount, Inc., v. Robert H. Peterson Co.
Issue 212 6-8-04 Monsanto Company, v. Bayer Bioscience N.V.
Issue 211 6-7-04 USPTO Practice Update
Issue 210 6-4-04 GAO Report Concerning U.S. Patent Application Publication
Issue 209 6-3-04 Elan Corporation v. Andrx Pharmaceuticals
Issue 208 6-2-04 USPTO Revising Power of Attorney and Assignment Practice
Issue 207 5-28-04 I/P Task-Based Billing Codes
Issue 206 5-27-04 Int'l Rectifier Corp. v. IXYS Corp.
Issue 205 5-26-04 Int'l Rectifier Corp. v. Samsung Elecs. Co., Ltd., Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., and IXYS Corp.
Issue 204 5-25-04 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. and Research Corp. Tech. v. Pharmachemie B.V.
Issue 203 5-24-04 Dudas Requests Focus on International IP Enforcement; China Targeted
Issue 202 5-21-04 Housey Pharmaceuticals, Inc., v. AstraZeneca UK Ltd.
Issue 201 5-20-04 New, Revised, and Discontinued USPTO Mail Stops
Issue 200 5-19-04 SmithKline Beecham Corp. v. Apotex Corp., Effect on future pharmaceutical patenting strategy
Issue 199 5-18-04 The Arnold Partnership v. Jon Dudas et al.
Issue 198 5-17-04 European Community Patent and Software Patentability Update
Issue 197 5-13-04 Norian Corp., v. Stryker Corp.
Issue 196 5-12-04 Revised Procedures for Express Abandonment and Patent Publication Avoidance
Issue 195 5-10-04 New Weapons in the War Against Cybersquatting
Issue 194 5-7-04 Kinik v. U.S. Intíl Trade Comm. et al.
Issue 193 5-5-04 David Israelite to Head New Intellectual Property Task Force
Issue 192 5-3-04 Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp. v. Eon Labs Mfg, Inc.
Issue 191 4-30-04 IP Theft Funding Organized Crime and Terrorism
Issue 190 4-28-04 Objectively Baseless Standard Preempts Tort Liability for Pre-Litigation Communications
Issue 189 4-26-04 Chiron Corp. v. Genentech, Inc.
Issue 188 4-23-04 Subsequent Processing not a Defense to Unfair Importation
Issue 187 4-21-04 Q-Pharma v. Jergens Co.
Issue 186 4-19-04 PCT Newsletter Highlights for April 2004
Issue 185 4-16-04 Superguide v. DirectTV Enterprises, Inc. et al.
Issue 184 4-14-04 USPTO Updates Electronic Procedures
Issue 183 4-12-04 Sulzer Textil A.G. and Sulzer Textile Inc. v. Picanol N.V.
Issue 182 4-9-04 Microsoft Corporation v. Multi-Tech Systems, Inc. et al.
Issue 181 4-7-04 USPTO Business Method News
Issue 180 4-5-04 Pfizer Inc. v. Dr. Reddy's Labs, Ltd.
Issue 179 4-2-04 Nomos Corporation v. BrainLab USA, Inc. and BrainLab, Inc.
Issue 178 3-31-04 PCT Newsletter Highlights for March 2004
Issue 177 3-29-04 Richard Ruiz and Foundation Anchoring Systems, Inc. v. A.B. Chance Company
Issue 176 3-26-04 Smithkline Beecham v. Excel Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et al.
Issue 175 3-24-04 New I/P Resources on the Internet
Issue 174 3-22-04 Decision Reflects International I/P Differences
Issue 173 3-19-04 Medichem, S.A., v. Rolabo, S.L.
Issue 172 3-17-04 Enforcement of Orders by the U.S.I.T.C.
Issue 171 3-15-04 Newest Adherents to the WIPO Treaties
Issue 170 3-12-04 In re Curtis et al.
Issue 169 3-10-04 European Community Patent Update
Issue 168 3-8-04 Latest Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office
Issue 167 3-5-04 Golight, Inc., v. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
Issue 166 3-3-04 Congress Proposes New Law to Prevent Misappropriation of Databases
Issue 165 3-1-04 Infectious Estoppel: Federal Circuit Applies Prosecution History Estoppel to Unamended Claim
Issue 164 2-27-04 Patent and Trademark Assignment Records on the Internet
Issue 163 2-25-04 Chef America, Inc., v. Lamb-Weston, Inc.
Issue 162 2-23-04 New PCT Chapter I & II Procedures
Issue 161 2-20-04 PSC Computer Products, Inc., v. Foxconn Int'l, Inc. et al
Issue 160 2-18-04 USPTO Announces "Revised Procedures for (Patent) Papers Requiring Immediate Attention"
Issue 159 2-13-04 U.S. Method Claims Being Rejected for Failure to Tie Technological Art or Environment
Issue 158 2-11-04 Sulzer Textil A.G., et al., v. Picanol N.V.
Issue 157 2-9-04 European Community Patent Delayed Yet Again
Issue 156 2-6-04 More to Come on Restriction Practice Reform
Issue 155 2-4-04 Ericsson Corp. et al. v. Harris Corp. et al.
Issue 154 1-30-04 Japanese Inventor Remuneration Sets New Record
Issue 153 1-28-04 Novo Industries , L.P. v. Micro Molds Corp. et al.
Issue 152 1-26-04 Copyright Office and USPTO Report on the VDHPA
Issue 151 1-23-04 PCT Newsletter and Demand Form
Issue 150 1-21-04 Ferguson Beauregard/Logic Controls, et al v. Mega Systems LLC et al.
Issue 149 1-12-04 §112 ¶6 Equivalency Need Not Focus on Physical Construction?
Issue 148 1-9-04 Utah Medical Products, Inc. v. Graphic Controls Corp.
Issue 147 1-6-04 E-Patent Reference Pilot Project
Issue 146 1-2-04 Proposed Term Extension for Certain BPAI Remands
Issue 145 12-19-03 New USPTO Glossary and Answers to "FAQs"
Issue 144 12-17-03 Patent Law Not Within FTC's Jurisdiction
Issue 143 12-15-03 3M v. Avery Dennison Corp.
Issue 142 12-12-03 USPTO Publishes PCT Rule Changes Effective January 1, 2004
Issue 141 12-10-03 ACTV v. Disney - Industry Standard Documents Not Instructive in Claim Construction Analysis
Issue 140 12-8-03 Important Changes to Japanese Patent Law Effective April 1, 2004
Issue 139 12-3-03 Ranbaxy Pharmaceuticals, Inc., et. al. v. Apotex, Inc.
Issue 138 12-1-03 USPTO Rejecting Filings by Suspended Patent Practitioners
Issue 137 11-24-03 USPTO Centralizing Receipt of Patent Application Correspondence
Issue 136 11-21-03 TTAB Expands Electronic Filing Options
Issue 135 11-18-03 Top-10 Most Common IP Rights Mistakes During Venture Capital Due Diligence
Issue 134 11-14-03 USPTO Ex Parte Appeal Statistics
Issue 133 11-10-03 Update to the Duty of Disclosure under Australian Patent Law
Issue 132 11-7-03 New Rules on Anticircumvention Exemptions
Issue 131 11-5-03 FTC Reports on Balancing Competition and Patent Law
Issue 130 11-3-03 USPTO Issues New Trademark Exam Guides
Issue 129 10-31-03 Success in Patent Office Appeals May Depend on Technology Area
Issue 128 10-29-03 Presumption of Prosecution History Estoppel Applies to Unamended Claims - Federal Circuit
Issue 127 10-27-03 European Commission Proposes New Safe Harbor for Technology Licensing
Issue 126 10-24-03 Deadline Approaches For New Opportunities For Trademark Owners In Europe
Issue 125 10-22-03 IP Staff Development: PCT Resources on the Internet
Issue 124 10-20-03 WTO to Settle Geographical Indications Dispute
Issue 123 10-17-03 Benefits for Filing CTMs Before November 1, 2003
Issue 122 10-15-03 Markman Hearings: If You Missed Our Roundtable
Issue 121 10-14-03 The Hidden Information in Your Files
Issue 120 10-13-03 EU Likely to Join Madrid Protocol in 2004
Issue 119 10-9-03 New I/P Publications for Business Leaders
Issue 118 10-6-03 More I/P Scams Reported
Issue 117 10-3-03 CAFC Clarifies Limiting Effect of Claim Preambles
Issue 116 10-2-03 Knorr-Bremse Systeme Fuer Nutzfahrzeuge GMBY v., Dana Corp., No. 01-1357
Issue 115 10-1-03 New Guidelines For Prosecution History Estoppel In The New En Banc Festo Decision (Festo IX)
Issue 114 9-26-03 EU Tightens CTM Rules on Geographical Indications
Issue 113 9-25-03 European Parliament Passes Software Patent Directive
Issue 112 9-24-03 Gray Market Non-Physical Differences Under Review
Issue 111 9-22-03 Europe Moving Toward "Section-337-Style" Import Exclusion Regime
Issue 110 9-19-03 US GAO Reports on Expert Advice for Foreign Patenting
Issue 109 9-17-03 USPTO Proposes Rule Changes for Strategic Plan Implementation
Issue 108 9-16-03 USPTO Fee Change Update
Issue 107 9-15-03 USPTO Public Advisory Committees Have New Members
Issue 106 9-12-03 The Downside of Patent Holding Companies
Issue 105 9-10-03 Revised TBMP Manual Now Available
Issue 104 9-8-03 ICANN Announces Deployment of Internationalized Domain Names
Issue 103 9-5-03 US Patent Documents No Longer Required for Certain IDSs in the U.S.
Issue 102 9-3-03 WTO Allows Export of Compulsory Licensed Pharmaceuticals
Issue 101 8-29-03 USPTO Schedules first "Nanotechnology Customer Partnership Meeting"
Issue 100 8-28-03 Cable System Retransmission Royalty Distribution Deadlines
Issue 99 8-26-03 35 U.SC. 271(g): Narrow Limits Set By Court of Appeals
Issue 98 8-21-03 USPTO Rules to Separate Patents from Trademarks
Issue 97 8-19-03 EU and US Battle over Geographical Indicators
Issue 96 8-13-03 Bar Codes and Shading No Longer Allowed in Patent Correspondence
Issue 95 7-16-03 'Batch Update' Process Discontinued for USPTO Powers of Attorney
Issue 94 7-11-03 Joint Collaboration Agreements for Avoiding Prior Art
Issue 93 7-9-03 Now Online: US Patent Application Status, EU Design Registrations, & EPO File Inspection
Issue 92 7-1-03 Clarifications to Publication Rescission and Foreign Filing Notice Practice
Issue 91 6-30-03 PCT Practice Update for June 2003
Issue 90 6-24-03 USPTO to Study PCT Unity of Invention Standard
Issue 89 6-23-03 New Congressional Caucus on Intellectual Property
Issue 88 6-20-03 New Calls for Patent Reform Outside the U.S.
Issue 87 6-19-03 UPDATE: USPTO Still Needs Survey Responses
Issue 86 6-18-03 PTO: New Guidelines For Previously-Considered Prior Art In Reexamination Proceedings
Issue 85 6-17-03 Federal Circuit Applies Festo Decision
Issue 84 6-16-03 Biotechnology Tool Patent Owners Breathe Sigh of Relief
Issue 83 6-13-03 Elimination of CPA Practice for Utility and Plant Patent Applications
Issue 82 6-12-03 USPTO Proposes New Rules for PCT Starting January 1, 2004
Issue 81 5-27-03 Patent Customers Advised to FAX Communications to USPTO
Issue 80 5-23-03 Draft Hague Convention on Choice of Courts Agreements Under Review
Issue 79 5-21-03 USTR Reports on Global IPR Protection
Issue 78 5-19-03 More Objections to Software Patenting In Europe
Issue 77 5-16-03 Do You Do Business With California Residents? Then California Senate Bill 1386 Effects You!
Issue 76 5-14-03 Shedding Light on the Darkest Recesses of File Wrappers: New PTO Interview Rules
Issue 75 5-9-03 Esp@cenet Version 3 Preview
Issue 74 5-7-03 USPTO Notice: Non-Applicant Participation Not Allowed After Patent Publication
Issue 73 5-5-03 New Rules Proposed: Third Party Appeals in Inter Parte Reexaminations
Issue 72 5-1-03 Look Out. You May Lose Your Domain Name.
Issue 71 4-29-03 Mandatory Survey Responses, Trademark ID Manual, and Trademark Address Correction
Issue 70 4-25-03 Celebrating World Intellectual Property Day on Saturday
Issue 69 4-24-03 Inequitable Conduct: New Federal Circuit Case Raises the Flag
Issue 68 4-22-03 PTO Updates: Nominations, MPIA Rulemaking, Strategic Plan Documents, & INPADOC Database
Issue 67 4-18-03 IP Staff Development: WIPO Offers "General Course on Intellectual Property" Via the Internet
Issue 66 4-11-03 Revisions to the Federal Rules of Procedure and Evidence
Issue 65 4-8-03 Pharmaceutical or Biotechnology: Recent case of interest
Issue 64 4-4-03 Second Update: European Community Patent Proposal
Issue 63 4-1-03 New Correspondence Addresses for USPTO Starting May 1
Issue 62 3-27-03 MPEP Revisions Published by USPTO
Issue 61 3-20-03 Copyright Office to Hold Public Hearings on Anti-Circumvention Exemptions
Issue 60 3-18-03 USDOJ at the Intersection of Antitrust and Intellectual Property
Issue 59 3-14-03 WIPO Releases Statistics for 2002
Issue 58 3-10-03 Cybersquatting : 3rd Circuit's ruling opens the door to pursue claims prior to Nov. 1999
Issue 57 3-7-03 COX-2 Inhibitor Reach-Through Claim Patent Held Invalid
Issue 56 3-6-03 Vessel Hull Design Protection Act Under Review
Issue 55 3-5-03 Supreme Court Decides Victoria's Secret Case
Issue 54 3-3-03 USPTO Posts Priority Claim Procedure Notice
Issue 53 2-27-03 UPDATE: European Community Patent Proposal
Issue 52 2-24-03 Update: USPTO Strategic Plan and Fee Proposal
Issue 51 2-20-03 USPTO Encourages New Amendment Format
Issue 50 2-17-03 Issues Raised by Festo on Remand to Federal Circuit
Issue 49 2-12-03 Patent Searching Improvements On the Horizon
Issue 48 2-6-03 Festo Arguments Held Today
Issue 47 2-3-03 Certain Unpublished Works Now in the Public Domain
Issue 46 1-27-03 A Brief Summary of the WIPO Treaties
Issue 45 1-15-03 European Union Begins Accepting Applications For Community Design Protection
Issue 44 12-17-02 Electronic Filing of First Requests for Extension of Time to Oppose
Issue 43 12-12-02 World's Major Patent Offices Publish Results: Patentability Issues of 3D Protein Structures
Issue 42 12-09-02 USPTO Fees to Increase January 1, 2003
Issue 41 11-26-02 USPTO to Test Image Processing of Patent Applications
Issue 40 11-22-02 APLF Signs Qualified Letter of Support for Patent Fee Increases
Issue 39 11-18-02 USPTO Requests Small Businesses' Comments†on Foreign Patent Protection
Issue 38 11-8-02 USPTO Releases New Patent Examination Guidelines
Issue 37 11-7-02 New U.S. Intellectual Property Law
Issue 36 11-4-02 Patent Interference Notifications - No Charge Service Sign Up
Issue 35 11-1-02 New European Community Design Protection
Issue 34 10-21-02 "Certain Compact Disc and DVD Holders" Instituted on October 16, 2002
Issue 33 10-11-02 Sign Up For Our New Section 337 Watch Service - No Charge
Issue 32 10-7-02 USPTO Fees Unchanged for FY 2003 New 4-Digit Fee Codes
Issue 31 10-3-02 New Section 337 Watch Service
Issue 30 9-27-02 11 strikes and you're out? Prosecution Laches at the PTO
Issue 29 9-21-02 Electronic Submission of Information Disclosure Statements
Issue 28 8-29-02 Duty of Disclosure Extends to Japan
Issue 27 8-19-02 The Lemelson Patents - Lessons Learned
Issue 26 8-5-02 Webcast: USPTO Strategic Plan And Fee Proposal
Issue 25 7-17-02 Live Audio Feed: Congressional Hearings PTO Fee Schedule Adjustment
Issue 24 7-9-02 How The Proposed 2003 USPTO Fees Will Hit Your Budget
Issue 23 6-28-02 New Requests for Unfair Import Investigations
Issue 22 6-13-02 UPDATE: New Web-Based Trademark Prosecution Forms
Issue 21 6-4-02 US Supreme Court Reverses Patent Decision
Issue 20 5-28-02 Festo - Supreme Court Opinion
Issue 19 5-24-02 New Web-Based Trademark Prosecution Forms
Issue 18 5-10-02 File Provisional Applications with Declarations
Issue 17 4-29-02 Mosel Vitelic Requests ITC Investigation
Issue 16 4-19-02 USPTO Business Plan Highlights
Issue 15 4-12-02 CAFC Fortifies Written Description Requirement in Biotech Cases
Issue 14 4-09-02 New Unique Statutory Bar
Issue 13 4-01-02 CAFC Further Narrows D.O.E.
Issue 12 3-29-02 SKF Requests ITC Investigation for "Certain Bearings and Packaging Thereof"
Issue 11 3-14-02 PCT Preliminary Examination Lives On!
Issue 10 2-26-02 U.S. Inventions Excluded by European Patent Office--Update
Issue 9 2-12-02 Lemelson Vulnerable on Prosecution Laches
Issue 8 1-29-02 U.S. Inventions Excluded by European Patent Office
Issue 7 1-10-02 New Rules for U.S. Patent Practice
Issue 6 12-19-01 European "Community Patent" Proposal Derailed Again
Issue 5 11-07-01 Use Provisional Patent Applications For Best Mode Compliance
Issue 4 10-23-01 Set A Standard - Still Keep Your Patents
Issue 3 10-16-01 Software: Is It Ready For Patenting?
Issue 2 10-08-01 This Week In The Federal Circuit
Issue 1 9-27-01 Hyperlinks In Patent Applications