Patent Law Firms Join Together To Form National Association

Chicago, IL - David A. Anderson, a Chicago patent attorney, announced the formation, by a group of prominent patent firms, of the Association of Patent Law Firms (APLF).

Speaking on behalf of APLF's board of directors, Mr. Anderson stated that, "The protection of a company's inventions is always a very serious matter. These companies have choices when they engage a law firm to obtain or enforce their patents, or to defend infringement suits. The purpose of the APLF is to provide the general counsel and owners and managers of companies with information to help them make an informed decision."

Member firms will enjoy significant benefits including participation in national market research, inclusion in a high-visibility web site spotlighting the accomplishments of member firms, targeted publicity, and the maintenance of a speakers bureau. Under APLF's sponsorship, members will also conduct seminars in cities around the country. APLF will further serve member firms by publicizing the broad range of skills of patent law firms, including litigation skills.

Writing in an article recently published in Intellectual Property magazine, Mr. Anderson said, "While patent litigation might be performed successfully by a general trial firm, the best chances of success lie with a firm that has trial experience, really knows the law, and is capable of understanding the technology."

Mr. Anderson, the chairman of APLF, is also a partner in the Chicago patent law firm of Brinks, Hofer, Gilson & Lione, one of 30 founding firms in this new association.

Intellectual Property Today, April, 1998

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