Law firms that do patent work have banded together to form a national organization.

In the Bar Associations
Chicago Daily Law Bulletin
March 6, 1998, Friday

The Association of Patent Law Firms, in Washington, D.C., is the first group exclusively for patent lawyers and patent firms, said David A. Anderson. A partner in Brinks, Hofer, Gilson & Lione, he is APLF's president.

In fact, one of the problems the APLF faced in getting organized was the lack of a comprehensive national list of law firms that do patent work, according to Anderson.

A list is now being compiled, he said, and members can also participate in national market research and be included on an Internet Web site listing.

To qualify for APLF membership, a law firm must either certify that more than half of its work is in patent matters or that more than half of its lawyers are registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Anderson said.

In addition to Brinks, Hofer, 10 of the 30 charter members of the APLF are from Chicago. They are: Banner & Witcoff; Fitch, Even, Tabin & Flannery; Hill, Steadman & Simpson; Leydig, Voit & Mayer; McAndrews, Held & Malloy; McDonnnell, Boehnen, Hulbert & Berghoff; Niro, Scavone, Haller & Niro; Wallenstein & Wagner; Welsh & Katz; and Wood, Phillips, VanSanten, Clark & Mortimer.

The association's mailing address is P.O. Box 7418, Washington, D.C., 20044, phone (202) 624-8863, and Web site