Issue 06/23 | April 26, 2006
If You Missed: Reexamination in the US - An Effective Business Strategy- Roundtable

If you were unable to attend our recent Roundtable on the Reexamination, the program, including the supporting PowerPoint presentation, has been uploaded to our Website.

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Outline of Talk:

Any U.S. patent can be reexamined at any time, by anyone who is able to show a substantial new question of patentability of one or more claims of the patent. This was demonstrated recently on a large scale in the recent Blackberry case (NTP v. RIM), although the reexamination strategy was employed in that case too late to reach its full potential. Properly used, reexamination can be a tool for correction of patents by the patent owner, a litigation strategy to shift the decision on validity of the patent from a court to an Examiner in the United States Patent and Trademark Office, or a relatively inexpensive way for a competitor to weaken or destroy others' patents without litigation, in certain circumstances. Learn more about the multiple uses of ex parte and inter partes reexamination, and pitfalls for the unwary, from an expert in reexamination practice, by participating in the APLF presentation of Reexamination Strategy.


George Wheeler [gwheeler@mhmlaw.com] from McAndrews Held & Malloy Ltd

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