Issue 95 | July 16, 2003
'Batch Update' Process Discontinued for USPTO Powers of Attorney
 On June 11, 2003, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office ("USPTO") announced that it was immediately discontinuing the "batch update" process for changing powers of attorney. However, the batch update process will continue to be permitted for making changes to the correspondence address and the fee address in patent applications.

A batch update is used to request a change in USPTO records for a batch of patent applications by submitting a spreadsheet listing the applications on a disk or CD. With this process, the applicant, patent attorney or agent of record in each of several applications can request that the address associated with a certain Customer Number be used for the correspondence address and/or fee address for the patent applications listed on the spreadsheet. Until now, MPEP Section 403 on "Customer Number Practice" also authorized the use of such spreadsheets for associating the Customer Number with the practitioners of record for the patent applications listed on the spreadsheet.

Any batch update request that has been filed, but has not been processed, will be processed without changing the power of attorney and the requestor will be instructed to submit a separate request to change a power of attorney in each application on the spreadsheet. Forms PTO/SB/81 ("Power of Attorney") and PTO/SB/82 ("Revocation/Appointment of Power of Attorney") may be used to submit such a requests. Where the power of attorney or correspondence address is to the practitioners associated with a Customer Number, the Office will continue to process a "Request for a Customer Number Data Change" (PTO/SB/124) to change the practitioners associated with the Customer Number, and as a result, the correspondence address and list of patent attorneys or agents having a power of attorney for the application.

A copy of the formal "Pre-OG" Notice on this issue is available at http://www.uspto.gov/web/offices/
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