Issue 32 | October 7, 2002
USPTO Fees Unchanged for FY 2003
New 4-Digit Fee Codes
 According to a September 29, 2001 announcement, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) fee amounts will not be changing for fiscal year 2003 and there is no plan to publish a final rule notice in the Federal Register to adjust fee amounts by the Consumer Price Index (as published in a proposed rule notice on May 7, 2002). If new fee legislation is enacted, fee amounts will be adjusted accordingly and changes to the fees will be posted to the USPTO Web site.

However, effective October 1, 2002, the USPTO has restructured the fee codes used to process and record fee payments from 3-digits to 4-digits. This change is intended to accommodate more fee codes as the USPTO offers an increasing number of products and services to our customers.

The new 4-digit fee codes appear in the revised fee schedule at http://www.uspto.gov/go/fees/1999/fee20021001.htm. A "fee code crosswalk" listing the new 4-digit fee codes and the old 3-digit fee codes is available at http://www.uspto.gov/go/fees/1999/feecrosswalk2002_03.htm. The USPTO forms available at http://www.uspto.gov/web/forms/ have not yet been changed to reflect the new fee codes.

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