Issue 168 | March 8, 2004
Latest Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office

The amended "Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office" have now been published in the form of a complete "December 2003" edition available in English at http://www.european-patent-office.org/legal/gui_lines/
. The French and German versions will follow later.

Since the last complete edition of the Guidelines was released in 1999, updates have been issued pertaining to complex applications (OJ EPO 2000, 228 on April 3, 2000), biotechnological inventions (OJ EPO 2001, 115, December 21, 2000), and business methods and computer-related inventions (OJ EPO 2001, 464, August 31, 2001). The aim of this latest edition is to bring the Guidelines as a whole into line with the current articles and rules of the European Patent Convention, decisions of the Boards of Appeal, and prevailing European Patent Office practice. A number of amendments to the Guidelines are also due to the entry into force of amended provisions of the EPC, the Implementing Regulations, and the Rules relating to Fees. In addition, the material on "Inventive step" has been extensively revised to take account of established case law.

The official "Notice from the European Patent Office dated 21 November 2003 concerning amendment of the Guidelines for Examination in the European Patent Office" is available at http://www.european-patent-office.org/epo/pubs/oj003/
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